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Scholarship short details

  • Consistently there are various groupings of awards towards the Holland offered by Nuffic Neso Indonesia. One that is obviously routinely open is StuNed (Studeren in Nederland) together with various choices. StuNed – Master is likely the StuNed award grants. In case you are another comer to him, the StuNed : Master Scholarship is the Masters award for a sort of 12 multi year term concerning analyze with many review programs. In addition in order to offering instructive cost wards (20, 000 Euros most extraordinary consistently), month to month living charges, worldwide and neighborhood journey costs, and various expenses are required for examination needs. Thusly, the StuNed Masters award is a lone of the full award grants to the Netherlands.
  • Normally the StuNed Scholarship Program autonomous from any other individual is a bit of the particular separate support with the Nederlander government with Indonesia. Contenders can abuse related with this award to acquire English language courses from English schools in the particular Netherlands.
  • The StuNed Grant is accessible to practically all overall examination programs arranged by Dutch tertiary affiliations. Except for partition classes and joint tasks including universities. Need is given to domains of concentrate that relate to the particular Indonesian-Dutch separate cooperation region.


  • Transport, (Agro) Strategies and Infrastructure:
  • Maritime Economics and Logistics; Transport, Facilities and Logistics; Maritime Economics in any case
  • Collaborations; Logistics Administration; Operations Management and Strategies; International Logistics, SCM despite Procurement; Supply Chain Administration; Environmental and Infrastructure Preparation; Civil Engineering; Urban Managing and Development; Coastal Anatomist and Port Development; Coast and Marine Engineering and even Management; Urban and Territorial Planning.

Security and Concept of Law:

All inclusive Rules; International and European Legislation, Commercial Law; International Company Law; International Trade despite Investment Law; International Enterprise Tax Law; International Man Rights Law, Arbitration notwithstanding Business Law; Global Felony Law; Law and Electronic trend setting innovations; Intellectual Property Rules and Knowledge Management; Cosmopolitan Human Rights and Legal Justice; Gender and Turmoil Studies, International Relations; Global Economics.

Agri-sustenance and Garden:

Common Agriculture; Agricultural Normal water Management for Enhanced Area and Water Productivity; Foods and Environmental Studies; Flower Sciences; Geo-information Science; Growth and Rural Innovation; Terrain and Water Development as for Food Security; Integrated Lake, Lowland and Coastal Advancement and Management Planning : Land and Water Advancement

Worldwide Trade, Finance, despite Economics:

Record – Economical Markets and Regulation; Funding and Investments; Finance bearings Risk Management; International Economics and Business; Fiscal Economics; Business Administration: Specialization inside Financial Management; Small Organization and Entrepreneurship

General conclusions:

  • Indonesian inhabitant, exhibited just by photocopy of KTP or even recognizable proof
  • Least preparing S1/D4 and may show evidence of school achievement (GPA min. a couple. 00) affirm by transcripts and affirmations which might be endorsed with the date notwithstanding year of graduation showed in that.
  • Has been picked up with the notable techniques’ held in holland by simply Dutch propelled instruction undertakings as affirm by the Letter of Acceptance (insistence letter) from a school in the Netherlands that will clearly communicates the analyze program, the start notwithstanding end date of the particular picked study program and even hard and fast training expenses.
  • Expected for laborers/agents need to procure underwriting from regularly the establishment as affirm basically by an official clarification with the organization of the establishment on the stamp communicating of which his staff are endorsed to consider inside the Holland. This declaration is made on the StuNed kind. StuNed awards are in like way accessible to new graduates.


  • Getting extraordinary English capacities is normally affirm by the aftereffects of the TOEFL World wide electronic Test (IBT) which has a base score of 70, or a base IELTS of 6. 0. The particular authenticity time of the particular TOEFL/IELTS give a shot is an undeniably a couple of years from the time with the test. Up-and-comers which complete their assessments on an English-talking country or even graduate from an overall plan are prohibited from TOEFL or IELTS scores, given that they graduate a generally raised of quite a long while before the particular cutoff time for endeavoring to get StuNed awards.
  • Clarification of planning to visit and full all discussions while getting the award created upon the StuNed structure.
  • All around there are no age requirements

Application Documents:

Online application

  • An affirmation letter ( unlimited affirmation letter ) from a Dutch tertiary establishment in the proposed talk
  • The base TOEFL IBT confirmation scores 70 or IELTS least assessing of 6. 0
  • SK for government agents or possibly Work Contracts for various individuals (expecting any)
  • S1 and even S2 acknowledgments and transcripts (accepting any)
  • KTP or even distinguishing proof
  • Latest concealing photo (3×4)

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