Gonorrhea: Causes, Symptoms, prevention & Treatment


It is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium called Spenserian gonorrhea. It is one of the most common STD s in our society and especially in young people. The disease is treatable and completely cured. Not treating the disease can have many side effects including PID and infertility.

Gonorrhea infection

Gonorrhea is transmitted through unprotected sex with an infected person. It can be oral, vaginal or anal. These germs reside in the secretions of the genitals, such as vaginal fluid and semen. It penetrates through the soft skin of the genitals and causes infections to occur. Having sex even with someone with gonorrhea can cause you to get infected.

Symptoms of gonorrhea

Gonorrhea can cause symptoms for a person from 2 to 10 days after being infected. However, there are some people with this condition who do not show any symptoms, 10% of men and 80% of women.

For men

•       Severe pain during urination (burning urine when it comes out).

•       Off the penis with a yellowish-brown color.

•       Spinal cord swelling and pain.

•       Pain below the navel.

For women

•       Burning pain during urination

•       Dispose of vaginal discharge or abnormal vaginal discharge.

•       Pain below the navel

•       Some may experience severe abdominal pain during menstruation.

From oral cavities

•       One can experience pain in the throat and pus in the tonsils.

•       May cause pain, irritation and stool during self-help.


Gonorrhea is a disease that is treated and completely cured by using hospital medicine prescribed by the doctor.

The effect of not treating gonorrhea

•       Finding Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) – infections in the tubes and uterus.

•       Infections in sperm tubes (epidemiologist) and testicles (bronchitic)

•       Not getting pregnant

•       Destroys pregnancy as a pregnant woman

How to protect yourself from gonorrhea

•       Abstinence, since it is the main form of infection.

•       Reduce the number of lovers, have one faithful partner with whom you have measured health.

•       Always use a condom during sex

It is important to make sure you and your partner get treatment when you experience similar symptoms of gonorrhea.

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