The importance of Daily Exercise

Many people worry about their body weight in life. Others fear that their weight may drop suddenly or increase.

Benefits of Exercise:

Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Exercise helps prevent non-communicable diseases such as cancer, heart attack and diabetes. Exercise also helps the heart to have a simple function of pumping blood.

Weight control

Overweight is a major risk factor for getting non-communicable diseases. But with exercise, the body gets excited and thus eliminates fat in the arteries.

Reduce stress

Exercise helps control blood vessels and also contributes to the control of blood pressure which is a major effect on heart rate.

Support the respiratory system

Simple exercises such as walking, running and swimming help the muscles have the ability to circulate fresh air and to provide dirty air.

Reduce the impact of getting cancer

Research shows that exercise reduces the impact of breast and lung cancer.

Controlling ‘cholesterol’ in the body

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that stores itself in the blood vessels. Exercise helps to remove fatty acids from the body and increase what is important.

Provide key pillars to prevent disease

Whenever you exercise, the body is in a good position to prevent various infections and viruses.

Have strong muscles

Exercise helps your muscles get stronger and helps you fight difficult situations.

Simplifying body parts

Exercise helps the joints get lighter and enables them to work faster without getting injured.

Skeletons have strength

Exercise helps bones strengthen to avoid the impact of contracting bone diseases such as osteoporosis. This disease causes the bones to shrink.

Get a calm sleep

Exercise helps the body to relax thus contributing to a better sleep. Sleep helps to repair parts of the body and also gives them the body’s immune system.

Improving the mind

Exercise causes the body to release chemicals in the name ‘endorphin’ that help the body relax and bring pleasure. It also protects the mind from negative thoughts and also prevents many thoughts, thus making one brave.

Avoiding misleading behaviours

Exercise helps you avoid habits and temptations such as drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy foods, smoking cessation and sleep deprivation.

Remove toxins and regulate body temperature

During exercise the body sweats a lot, including toxins and water, the body also has a lot of heat. So exercise helps keep the body warm.

Improve skin health

Exercise keeps the skin clean and healthy. The skin also looks young.

It causes you to thirst

Whenever you exercise, the body gets more active and muscles work faster so the body has more heat. The body loses a lot of water thus causing thirst.

Removes fatigue and pain

Fatigue causes the body to feel pain. Exercise helps eliminate lactic acid that causes tiredness, pain and aching muscles.

Strengthening relationships

Exercise helps your waist and spine muscles get stronger especially when spouses are sexually active.

Treating male power veins

Exercise boosts male strength, controls weight, blood flow to a man’s penis thus losing the fear of having sex.

Helping pregnant women get stronger

Exercise helps pregnant women with waist muscles have the ability to give birth safely. But with safe delivery the mothers also have the power to push the baby.

Reduces early death effects

Exercise helps reduce cardiovascular diseases that cause sudden death.

Living a long life

Regular exercise leads to longevity as the body becomes stronger, healthier and more vulnerable to infections.

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