There is teo sides in adsterra to sign up, You can sign up as PUBLISHER or you can sign upas PUBLISHER. This adsterra is the ads network that use different ads type to get traffick from other social medias like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others. Many people use direct link to share to people in order to get good earnings but there is more and many ads that people can use to find traffick.

By starting with

Go direct to to sign up as publisher in adsterra ads network then inter youre name and email you want to use it in adsterra.

After writing finish setup by fill the empty spaces, Those are Login Username you want to use, Password, then write the messenger account that they will contact you when there is a announcement they want to tell you then choose the payment system that you would like to use it as a payment in youre adsterra account by finish write the website you need to work with in website writer place then click COMPLETE REGISTRATION. After there adsterra they’ll send a verification link in a email address go to the email then click the link after there it redirect you in a adsterra dashboard.

In dashboard you need to choose a website and ads code you need to use it in youre job, There is so many type of ads code but the best link is direct link what ou suppose to do is to choose a link then use it to send to the traffic to get income, Choose site then website category after there finish in ads unit then click on ADD to complete the process.

If you have any question you need to contact with youre manager this found in the left side of youre dashboard then click on the send us a message you can write things you need after there click to send a message to the manager they will respond youre SMS and answer the questions you ask. In tha we are complete all process of sign up in adsterr as publishers.

By finishing with how to-

click here to sign up in adsterra as an advertiser you can fill the blanks in a sign up place. write the Login Username you wish to use and password in password required place then inter youre name and the email address, Messenger required you can select the type of messenger you need to use then type and model there is an option to choose the best and good to use then by finish write the websites, affiliates and verticals you are work with then click SIGN UP.

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