Every year there are various types of scholarships to the Netherlands offered by Nuffic Neso Indonesia. One that is routinely available is StuNed (Studeren in Nederland) with several choices. StuNed – Master is one of the StuNed scholarships. If you are new to him, the StuNed – Master Scholarship is a Masters scholarship for a 12-24 month duration of study with many study programs. In addition to offering tuition dependents (20,000 Euros maximum per year), monthly living costs, international and local travel expenses, and other costs are required for study needs. So, the StuNed Masters scholarship is one of the full scholarships to the Netherlands.

The StuNed Scholarship Program itself is part of the bilateral cooperation of the Dutch government with Indonesia. Applicants can take advantage of this scholarship to take English language courses at English universities in the Netherlands.

The StuNed Scholarship is open to all international study programs organized by Dutch tertiary institutions. Except for distance lectures and joint programs between universities. Priority is given to fields of study that relate to the Indonesian-Dutch bilateral cooperation area.

Priority :
Transport, (Agro) Logistics and Infrastructure:
Maritime Economics and Logistics; Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics; Maritime Economics and
Logistics; Logistics Management; Operations Management and Logistics; International Logistics, SCM and Procurement; Supply Chain Management; Environmental and Infrastructure Planning; Civil Engineering; Urban Management and Development; Coastal Engineering and Port Development; Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management; Urban and Regional Planning.

Security and Rule of Law:
International Law; International and European Law, Commercial Law; International Business Law; International Trade and Investment Law; International Business Tax Law; International Human Rights Law, Arbitration and Business Law; Global Criminal Law; Law and Digital Technologies; Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management; International Human Rights and Criminal Justice; Gender and Conflict Studies, International Relations; International Economics.

Agri-food and Horticulture:
Organic Agriculture; Agricultural Water Management for Enhanced Land and Water Productivity; Food and Environmental Studies; Plant Sciences; Geo-information Science; Development and Rural Innovation; Land and Water Development for Food Security; Integrated River, Lowland and Coastal Development and Management Planning – Land and Water Development.

International Trade, Finance, and Economics:
Finance – Financial Markets and Regulation; Finance & Investments; Finance – Risk Management; International Economics & Business; Fiscal Economics; Business Administration: Specialization in Financial Management; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

General requirements:

  1. Indonesian citizen, proven by photocopy of KTP or passport
  2. Minimum education S1 / D4 and can show proof of academic achievement (GPA min. 3.00) evidenced by transcripts and diplomas that are legalized with the date and year of graduation listed therein.
  3. Has been received in one of the master’s programs held in the Netherlands by Dutch higher education institutions as evidenced by a Letter of Acceptance (admission letter) from a university in the Netherlands that clearly states the name of the study program, the start and end date of the chosen study program and total tuition fees.
  4. For employees / employees must obtain approval from the institution as evidenced by an official statement of the leadership of the institution on a stamp stating that his staff are allowed to study in the Netherlands. This statement is written on the StuNed form.
  5. StuNed scholarships are also open to fresh graduates.
  6. Having good English skills is evidenced by the results of the TOEFL Internet Based Test (IBT) with a minimum score of 80, or a minimum IELTS of 6.0. The validity period of the TOEFL / IELTS test is a maximum of 2 years from the date of the test. Applicants who complete their studies in an English-speaking country or graduate from an international program are exempt from TOEFL or IELTS scores, as long as they graduate a maximum of 2 years before the deadline for applying for StuNed scholarships.
  7. Statement of willingness to attend and complete all lectures while receiving the scholarship written on the StuNed form.
  8. There are no age restrictions

Application Documents:

  1. Online application form
  2. An acceptance letter ( unconditional admission letter ) from a Dutch tertiary institution in the proposed lecture
  3. The minimum TOEFL IBT certificate scores 80 or IELTS minimum score of 6.0
  4. SK for government employees or Work Contracts for others (if any)
  5. S1 and S2 diplomas and transcripts (if any)
  6. KTP or passport
  7. Latest color photograph (3×4)

The 2019 StuNed Scholarship application is now open online. Create an account on the Neso Indonesia page , then complete the online application form and upload the application documents requested on that page. Applications submitted no later than July 10, 2019 for lectures beginning September 2019.

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