The defeat of the opposition candidate by the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) in the by-election in the Msambweni constituency off the coast of Kenya has raised many questions and provoked emotions in the political arena in Kenya.

MDG candidate Omar Boga was defeated by independent candidate Feisal Badder, who received 15,251 votes, while the MDG party, Omar Boga, received 10,444 votes out of 27,313 voters in yesterday’s election.

Feisal Badder’s victory in the Msambweni constituency is a move that seems to have angered many in the ruling Jubilee party and allies in the relationship between Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

It will be recalled that Vice-President William Ruto backed the independent candidate, Feisal Bader, in these by-elections, and in this respect it can be said that he overthrew Raila Odinga and President Kenyatta collectively in relation to these by-elections.

Problems in the by-elections
Despite the fact that the elections attracted a small number of voters and the allegations of bribery and the intentions of Dr Ruto and Mr Odinga to sue each other, the victory of Msambweni’s new MP, Feisal, has an impact on coastal politics and the policy of the presidential successor in the electoral politics. of 2022.

Despite this, it is clear that Mr Feisal and his allies were able to motivate their voters and all those who supported him to go in large numbers to their constituencies to vote and allow him to suffer a crushing defeat compared to his MDG party rival, Omar Boga.

Vice-President of Kenya William Ruto
For example, in the Ramisi and Kinondo areas where the Feisal stronghold was located, the turnout was 56 and 49 per cent, while voters in the strongholds of candidate Omar Boga-Ukunda and Gambato were 31 and 34 per cent.

It is also important to note that this by-election was characterised by a power struggle between the governor of Mombasa, who is also the deputy leader of the MDG, Hassan Joho, and his counterpart from Kwale, Salim Mvurya.

Although the two were elected to the MDG party, the fact that their policies are incompatible and that they are all in the final phase as governors, the coastal political tyranny divided them in two and Msambweni is in Kwale County under Governor Mvurya. Take steps to ensure that your voice is not silenced by Governor Joho of Mombasa.

Effects of the MDG failure
The impact of the election of Feisal Bader, who was backed by Mr Ruto, however, with the political wing led by Vice President William Ruto and a group known as Tanga Tanga, his influence seems to be bearing fruit and influencing even unexpected places such as the coast of Kenya at a time when there is fierce rivalry and competition. The support of President Kenyatta and his ally Raila Odinga and, on the other hand, his deputy William Ruto is a clear political signal.

The result tarnishes the reputation of the opposition party ODM, which seems to be getting worse in relation to its inability to win the seat, as the seat itself was taken by the late MP Suleiman Dori, who had been nominated for the party’s ticket twice in 2013 and 2017.

Feisal Bader’s loss of the seat means that the popularity of the MDG party, especially in the coastal areas of Kenya, which has been seen as a stronghold of the party, is waning.

Furthermore, what will make the MDG opposition leaders continue to scratch their heads is to ask whether some of their MPs who were elected to the party were not supporting the party in the seat campaigns.

It will be recalled that the Governor of Kwale, Salim Mvurya, who has been elected to the MDG party, was competing for Mr Feisal while Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa ran a very strong campaign against the MDG candidate, Omar Boga.

Ruto’s national reputation
In that sense, Feisal Bader’s victory means that the meetings he has held and regularly attended by Vice President William Ruto in the coastal areas, including Kwale, have helped him enormously to sell himself and gain the support of Msambweni and the coastal inhabitants in general.

This puts him at the forefront not only in the coastal areas but also in this state which will give him more political and national power.

Another issue that could be politically motivated, depending on how politicians publicise it, is the report of a BBI panel led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga and the relationship between the two, which came to be known as disgrace.

For those who have been whispering about the report itself and the issues involved, as well as the presence or absence of a

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